Integrated case-packing and case-palletizing monobloc

The modular case packer INC-2AS JUNO is one of the most reliable end-of-line machines. The machine has been developed to accommodate complicated applications, for ease of access, and to improve end-of-line standards of strength and reliability.
Consisting of four separated modules: product feeding and collation, case erection, case closure and robotic palletiser, this machine guarantees a total control and easy cleaning. The collation of the products and the erection of cases have been made in a positive manner and operated through the mechanical movement of one arm with suction grippers. The manufactured products are accumulated, put in layers and inserted into the erected case. The system of case erection and product introduction into the case allows for higher speed of packaging and guarantees higher stability of the products. The closing of the cases can be done by adhesive tape or by the application of hot melt or cold glue. The INC-2AS JUNO can be equipped with secondary equipment and options such as magazine for longer cases, marking of cases, label applicator, printing of labels, etc.

The completed carton may be freely overturned on both sides or not be overturned at all, proceeding then towards palletizing area. A belt suitable to lodge a checkweigher for case weight verification and a bar code reader, is fitted in the exit area of the case. A second belt is available acting as a case buffer in event of unexpected stoppage of the palletizer.