• labelling machine fx 3

    Modular multifunctional machine complete of:

    -tamper evident station
    -sticker label applicator

  • counting filling machine

    This machine is a combination of:

    -multichannel counting-filling module
    -camera vision system
    -torque control

  • inspection machine TI 250

    Inspection system characterized by:

    -cosmetic camera control (entire body of the
    vial / bottle)
    -cap & seal controller (flip off seal,
    crimp seal)

  • case packing machine INC-A-F

    Automatic case packing machine composed of:

    -pick and place module
    -automatic carton feeder
    -case opening system
    -mechanical pusher
    -taping machine (optional)

  • bin tumbler 1200

    This machine is provided with:

    -double-key security system
    (combined electrical and mechanical interlocks)
    -mobile control panel
    -safety cage (optional)

  • barrier isolator cp 1300

    This system provide a physical barrier between
    the operator and the materials that are being processed
    or manipulated:

    -biosafety cabinet (Class III)

  • Alimentatore Booklet


  • Applicazione Magazzino Blister


  • Etichettatrice ETF 300

    this machine offers:

    -possibility to add vision and printing system
    -intuitive user interface (industrial pc 12''
    touch screen)

  • Incartonatrice


  • Nastro Curvo


  • Nastro Retraibile


  • nastro verticale


  • retorque


  • Pick e Place


  • gxp 30

    optimal for usage in pharmaceutical,
    cosmetic and alimentary industry:

    -intuitive user interface (industrial pc 12'' touch screen)
    -three different type of ejection station
    (air blast, pneumatic cylinder, flap)

  • riempitrice fs

    bifunctional filling-capping machine complete of:

    -positive displacement syringes / peristaltic pump
    -capping station equipped with torque control

  • riempitrice fs